Thursday, September 12, 2013

My chicken obsession...

I love chickens.  My kitchen has a vague chicken theme... vague because my "collection" consists of about 4 chicken figurines, a plate with a chicken on it that I got a garage sale for $0.50, and an old dishtowel that has chickens on it.  (I'll take this opportunity to mention that the dishtowel is SO ratty that you can't tell there once were chickens on it.)
Check out this handsome devil!  He's gorgeous.  Some Winnebago County 4-Her did a great job raising him. 

This guy is good looking, too.  I prefer the brown ones like in the first picture, but his black and white feathers match my checker-board kitchen floor. 

These two make a nice couple, I guess this was a "his and hers" display?

And you may remember a post from around this time last year about the rainbow chicken.  This was the 2013 version.  Neon is hot this season, so I guess these chickens are "in"!
Too bad for me, though.  Dave says "no chickens".  We eat a lot of eggs--about a dozen a week-- but I don't think I'd be able to deal with all the eggs.  If I die never having butchered a chicken, that'll be o.k., too.   I'm still getting over chicken slaughtering visions from my youth. 
Oh well.  They're pretty to look at, right?!?!?