Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pumpkin-Spice-Chip Cookies

This week's post involves my very helpful younger son, he did all the cooking while I did most of the photography! 

I was gone all day Saturday at a professional development thing, so Sunday afternoon was my only time to do 6-people-worth of laundry, clean a couple of very nasty and long neglected bathrooms, grade a dozen Alg 2 tests, find a you tube video that best and most efficiently introduces optimization with linear programming, pay some bills, do 5 short (HA! yeah right) surveys for the previously mentioned professional development, and prepare for what will be another busy week of Daly life.  But busy is the way I like it!!!

Anyway, I also needed to make some sweets (because that's the way we roll,) and a dish to pass for a leader's meeting for 4-H that I have to attend on Monday.  And this is what the chef-in-training and I whipped up:

Obviously, the only ingredients are 2 boxes of Spice Cake mix, 1 29 oz. can of pumpkin, and a bag of white chips.  Stir in a large bowl, drop by rounded spoonful on a cookie sheet, and cook for 13 minutes. 

I doubled the recipe because I wanted enough for us to enjoy for a few days, as well as 1-2 dozen to take to Monday's pot-luck leader's meeting.  Doubling it gave me 6 dozen. 

We also figured the caloric value of each cookie -- because I'm a math-teacher-mom (very unlucky combination for a 4th grader...) -- and each cookie is only 74 calories! 

In other news, I broke down and bought myself some reading glasses at WallyWorld Saturday.  If I knew a year ago how much more enjoyable my paper-grading, book-reading, computer-surfing world would be if I had reading glasses, I would have bought these puppies a long time ago.

Have a great week, everyone!!!  Seriously, try this recipe.  These cookies are DELICIOUS!!!!


Grandma Lori said...

Carrie, I have several pair of reading glasses that I no longer use that you can have!! The cookies sound very good--the kids sure loved the pumpkin donut holes we made on Saturday.

Carrie said...

Thanks! I will take you up on the glasses! I bought 150 strength (?) Does that sound right?
The kids mentioned the donuts and how good they were!

Mary and Elaine said...

Hey Carrie,
Great Blog!!! I still don't know how you have time to do everything that you do!!!! The cookie recipe sounds delicious but we are always trying to lose weight between cruises, and the Sisters Reunion meal sharing didn't help either, so we won't be making any for a long while. Your bunny is just darling and if I had known you had this cutie, we would have been right over to see it!!!!
Today we are in North Platte, NE and will be in Denver tomorrow to see my twin sister. After that, we make a bee-line for CA. It was so good to see you, Dave and the kids in PA and also recently at the family farm.
Hope you have a great school year, and all the kids do too.
Hugs to all 6 of you, Mary & Elaine
PS We met your parents at the pizza parlor on Friday night and they seem delightful. Wish we had more time to schmooze but we were finished and they were just arriving.

Georgeanne said...

I can't get along without my glasses to read also. I keep one in my purse & one on the table by my chair.

I did jot down your recipe. Bake at 350? Hope to try it soon. However, I also gained weight when the sisters were here!

Carrie said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone!!! Yes, bake at 350!