Thursday, June 21, 2012

Biker babe!

When we are giving directions to our house or people are asking about where we live, we often get, "Oh!  Your house is the place with all the bikes in the driveway!"

....Yes.  That's us.  Our driveway looks like a bike salvage yard.  We have 3 medium-size two-wheelers, 3 smaller, child-size two-wheelers, a cozy coupe, a big wheel, and a John Deere pedal tractor. 

....Yes.  We only have 4 kids.

This week we hit another milestone in our family history, though!  Our older daughter, who is 6 1/2, finally figured out how to ride her two-wheeler without training wheels! 

It's a REALLY big deal because we ALL have been trying to get her to a.) quit being so over dramatic, b.) just try to balance with her feet on the pedals, and c.) accept the fact that she needs to put more effort into the process than just trying to ride the bike down to the end of the driveway once. 

We've all be extremely supportive.
...About a month ago, our oldest son took the training wheels off the bike that older daughter likes to ride.
...Younger daughter has been providing "moral support" in the form of "QUIT WHINING AND JUST TRY IT!" 
...And I've been trying every once in a while to get her going by holding on to the back and then giving a shove once she is mostly balanced. 

Anyway, Tuesday afternoon I was determined that we would turn the bike riding corner.  She perservered like a champ and by the time supper was ready, she'd logged 20 laps around the driveway! 


Grandma Lori said...

You nailed the whole process! We have been trying since last year to just convince her to try the bike riding. I figured Emma would ride first and then Holly would do it. Glad to hear she she can ride the bike at Grandma's house!

Carrie said...

And we can finally put at least one of the trikes at Grandma's house away!