Sunday, August 26, 2012

I got your goat!

When we were at the fair a few weeks ago, a 4-Her from our club, Emylie,  asked our oldest son to help her show her Dairy goats. Oldest son was happy to oblige.  After all, a 1300 pound steer was a piece of cake, how hard could a 30 pound goat be?
So, after doning the requisite white jeans and white shirt (white jeans on loan from another fellow 4-Her who shows Diary cattle), oldest son headed to the goat tent for a quick lesson in goat-showing.

The things he learned about showing goats were: 1. you always have to be repositioning yourself around the goat as you travel around the ring so that the judge has a clear, full view of the goat at all times, and 2. when you bring the goat to a stop, you have to manually adjust how the goat is standing by moving their feet with your hands.  (With steers you get to use a long stick with a hook on the end.)
But, oldest son looked like a seasoned pro and the goat he was showing won grand champion! 
It's just more evidence that you just never know what will happen next!

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