Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An Update on Fergie and the Twins...

The fair was 2 months ago and I never updated everyone on the success of our younger son and his hereford twins! 

Here is a picture of us post-open-show-8:30am-on-day 3 of the fair...  If that isn't the epitome of chaos, I don't know what is...  I love this picture, though, because it's "the whole family", and Fergie and her twins were truly a family affair this summer!!!

This is a look at our journey to the fair:
In this picture, Simon is having a shower.  I'm not sure what older son is doing in the background...  Maybe shadow tag?
After their showers, we'd tie the calves up under this little tree to be out of the sun and dry off.  This is Junebug.  Isn't she so cute!!!!
And we walked... and walked... and walked... and walked...  We put lots of miles on those hooves every week!  It took a village to get this crew ready for the fair!

Finally it was fair week and all of our kids had a BLAST!!!   The twins didn't do all that well in the show ring. While they would have gotten high marks for their good behavior, the calves were marked down because a) they were young (and little), b) they were twins (and little), and c) the heifer calf actually got discounted for being a free marten (in bovine, when you have opposite sex twins, the females are sterile).  Fergie didn't do so hot herself; as the 4-H judge said, "She just was giving everything she had to feed her twins, but she will make a nice herd cow."

Most importantly, younger son had a BLAST showing off his herd!  Don't you love his face!  It's pure joy!    And this, by the way, is mama Fergie who is currently out to pasture and loving every minute of it! 

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