Monday, November 5, 2012

Baby Betsy

Enough time has past since I last blogged about cows, right?  I'm just in a bovine mood today...

The little cutie in front is our oldest son's 4-H calf.  He has lucked out twice now, with his cow giving him two heifer calves.  His herd is growing by leaps and bounds!  Two years ago, his year very first 4-H project, "Bossy", gave birth to her first calf, "Bernie".  This past fall, Bossy had another heifer calf: sweet little Betsy.  Isn't she adorable!?!?!
Here's a picture of mom and her baby.  Bossy is a very good mother, but she is a little "light hoofed" (she kicks like a soccer pro...)  I get along great with Bossy, but oldest son has been kicked too many times to be very comfortable around her.  I don't know if Bossy will ever come back to the fair, but she does her job out in the pasture for us, so we still love her!
 Bossy sat this year out, but Bernie did a good job at the fair.  (The cross-breed yearling heifer class doesn't have very many entries!)  And, if an 11 year old with 3 cows (or soon to be cows) of his own isn't good enough, Bernie will calve next spring!  He's kind of hoping for a bull calf, I think, (it's better for his immediate bottom line ;) ), but he's not overly picky.  Lucky kid! 

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