Sunday, December 23, 2012

Many hands make light work...

This is a multiple choice test.  Please read all choices and then choose the choice that best answers the question.  When you are finished, check over your test and make sure you answered all of the questions.  

1.  This is a picture of:
a)  a dirty combine
b)  a project that will take hours, if not days to complete
c)  something that you should not brush up against when wearing light colored pants
d)  all of the above

2.  These children are:
a)  learning the value of team work
b)  happy to be outside on the 1st of December in 50-degree weather
c)  saving their parents many trips from the machine shop to the water hydrant
d)  all of the above

3.  This little girl is:
a)  a true farm girl
b)  not afraid to get her hands dirty
c)  proud to be keeping up with her big brothers
d)  all of the above

4.  Dave is on top of the combine because:
a)  he loves to be daring
b)  he's power washing the roof and the hopper
c)  he's getting the kinks worked out of the powerwasher so his wife can take over from the ground
d)  all of the above

5.  The girl in the pink is:
a)  playing in the water!!!
b)  giving her mom's back a break
c)  learning that, in this family, we all work together
d)  all of the above

6.  After 3 hours of power washing, the combine is: 
a)  ready for a break, it's turning all pruney!
b)  looking a little bit better...
c)  tired of all those little kids climbing all over it!
d)  all of the above

If you answered "d" to questions 1.- 6., you scored a 100%!  Nice job, smarty pants!!!

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