Sunday, June 2, 2013

An afternoon at the pond!

Saturday afternoon after chores were done, we loaded up the fishing poles and headed out to Dave's mom and dad's pond.  It was a wonderful late-afternoon, early-evening to be out "on the water". 

Danny caught the first fish--thank goodness... He'd been driving us NUTS all week with "When can we go fishing?  When can we go fishing?  When can we go fishing?"  He was so desperate to go fishing, he even bought the worms with his own money!  Thanks, Danny :)

The fishing pole situation went pretty well, all the big-kid poles were pretty much ready to go, we had to add a new hook here or a sinker there, but over all, everyone was fishing with in minutes of arrival. 

Dave took one for the team by using the "Tigger" fishing pole, circa 2004--Danny's 3rd birthday!  (The girls eventually got bored and shared their poles with us!)

Drew became as master of the rod and reel.  I was brought up on  "button pole" and it wasn't until I met Dave that I ever fished with a non-button pole (I'm sure there is a technical term for the non-button pole reel).  Anyway, my old button pole is a piece of junk all these later, so all we have are the ones with the veil-thingy.  I had it in my head that Drew was too young to be using anything but a button pole, but he was a natural!  I showed him how to cast once and he was instantly a professional.   (Notice in the picture how his pole is bent over, he's reeling in a big one!  Sort of...)

The girls never cast their own lines, but they had fun reeling in the bobbers and the occasional empty hook.  We were surprised by how content they were to just relax and watch the water!

Even I caught a fish, I caught one of only 2 sunfish, the rest of our catches were icky bull heads.

In case you're wondering:  No, we didn't have fish for supper!

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