Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Saying good bye...

We traded our old mini van in for a newer model earlier this month. 

As I was cleaning out 8 years and 4 kids worth of junk, I found this diaper -- THE LAST DIAPER-- in the glove compartment.  By baby number 4, I was done carrying a well-stocked diaper bag and really didn't go too many places very far from home, so I would just leave the house with the kids and a very minimally packed bag of absolute essentials.  I had stashed diapers in the van, "just in case", and often I would go to this stash. 

Well, one lone diaper remains.  Dave and the kids and anyone who rides in my van and finds it necessary to rifle through my glove compartment asks why I still have this one diaper in there!  You see, I have grand visions of someday coming to the rescue at a sporting event, accident scene, picnic, playground disaster, with this trusty diaper to... oh, I don't know... absorb gallons of blood?  Use as a tourniquet?  Be a giant bandage over some terrible, gaping wound? 

Anyway, we passed our old van along to our high-school aged nephews sans diaper.  Sorry guys.  You're on your own there.  The diaper is safe and sound in the glove compartment of my shiny new van! 

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