Thursday, August 8, 2013

At last, 4-H General Projects Day had finally arrived and I was able to reclaim my dining room table!

Last Friday was the day I'd been looking forward to for quite a while:  4-H general projects judging day. 

I'm NOT a procrastinator, so the girls have had their projects finished for at least a week (except for the cookies, which needed to be baked the night before, of course!).   But, this means that their projects have been taking up space on one of the few "safe zones" in our house: my dining room table.  It drives me NuTs! having stuff laying out...

Contents of table (going clockwise):
1:  Bicycle poster-- topic:  ABC bike check, gist: check your "air pressure", "brakes", and "chain" before you set off on a big trip.
2:  American Girl Doll blanket--Holly's visual arts project, she learned some sewing machine basics.
3:  Chocolate Crinkle Cookies--DELICIOUS is all I need to say about these.  Emma did a great job following the recipe and she learned about kitchen measurements, which we all know is the KEY to successful cooking!
4:  Note board-- see previous post :)
5:  Drew's rocket--  finished at the VERY last minute (the night before) because this is Dave's area of expertise and Dave DOES procrastinate.  It launched very nicely, the judges seemed impressed as Drew explained to them what changes he made this year based on the feedback they (the same judges) gave him last year.  I was very impressed by his level of maturity as he "handled" the judges!  I swear, he's 10 going on 35!

So general projects judging day was a success!  The girls had fun presenting their projects for judging.  The judges are so good with the Clover buds, they ask good questions and praise the kids for their hard work.  Drew got a blue ribbon on his rocket, too!  The boys need to put the finishing touches on their crop posters before they get judged on the first day of the fair.  And then there are those cattle...

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