Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Did you wonder what happened to us?

Yeah, so life has been kind of crazy since school started. 

1st grade, 2nd grade, 5th grade, 7th grade:  all fantastic.  The kids are doing awesome.  Our only hiccups so far have been school pictures.  They boys' turned out good; the girls'... not so much.  Weird hair, weird smiles... We're going to try for a retake.

Other than that, Freshman Algebra 1, Junior Algebra 2--also fantastic.  Lots of paper grading and all the other wonderful stuff that goes along with it, but I think my students are having a pretty good year so far.  I feel like I'm working really hard, but every day puts us one day closer to summer vacation!

When I finally rolled in from work tonight (about 45 minutes after "official" quittin' time), I rounded up the kids and we loaded up the bikes and headed to the Pecatonica Prairie Path for an early fall afternoon ride. 

It was a GORGEOUS weather for a bike ride!  We got just the right amount of exercise, worked up just the right appetite for a delicious supper of leftovers, and now the kids are in bed and I'm waiting for Dave to come in from the bean field!  I need to get some papers graded... But I didn't want you to worry anymore-- thought I'd check in quick!  Hope all is well with you! Have a great rest of the week!! 

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