Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sending a little happiness your way on this long winter day...

We are enjoying, enduring our third "polar vortex" day in Northern Illinois.  I should be happy, but I had big plans for my Freshman/Sophomore Academic Bowl team tonight.  Oh well, hopefully the weather will cooperate next Thursday.

But, more importantly, Holly will be 8 in TWO MORE DAYS!!! She is very excited!  Today we were able to whip up her birthday treats to share at school (a job I had originally penciled in for Sunday afternoon, but it looks like we'll be having days 4 and 5 of  polar vortex time off next Monday and Tuesday.  Hopefully not, because I have better things to do in June than go to school.)
These little rainbow cupcakes were a pinterest success!  The hardest part was tracking down the rainbow Airhead candy, but the boys searched Woodman's high and low a few weeks ago and eventually found them in the candy aisle.
Holly made a great 7 year old, I'm sure 8 will treat her well, too.  She's a lovely young lady (most days)!  Seriously, she's a good kid.  Holly definitely has her dad's sense of humor and outgoing attitude, her big brothers to look out for her, and her mom's brains, so she's got it all goin' for her, right!?!?

Have a great weekend, stay warm, and THINK SPRING!!!

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