Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Random sightings around the farm...

Remember the polar vortex?  Yeah, me too.  I hated this past winter!  I was hoping for weeks and weeks of sweltering 90 degree weather.

Didn't happen (or at least so far, and since we start school in 6 days, I'm done hoping for it).  We've had to wear a sweatshirt every morning except for a couple; we've had our a/c on maybe 5 days --not consecutively, either, and I haven't put more than a toe in the swimming pool.  But, these volunteer sunflowers all popped up in front of the pool and make me happy every time I look out the kitchen window!

Our garden has been bountiful, and I'm really getting into this pickling thing!  The tomatoes are coming along and I finally have strawberries!  Our second crop of green beans should be ready to harvest Labor Day weekend.  The garden is getting a little weedy, but I am o.k. with it.

So, despite the cold weather and the shortened vacation due to snow days, it has been a beautiful summer, nonetheless.

Tonight we are headed off to the fair with the cattle!  Wish us luck and patience... I know I'll need it!!!

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