Thursday, October 9, 2014

My contribution to "throw back Thursday" is...


When we moved, I acquired this lovely piece of 80's kitchenware.  

Just about the time we got back into our crazy school life, the tomatoes started ripening by the minute.  This baby was the perfect answer to my lack of time plus too many tomatoes problem.

I washed, sliced, and spread the tomatoes out on the trays, sprinkled with Italian seasonings and sea salt, plugged it in and walked away. I let my tomatoes dehydrate for between 15 hours to whenever I remember to unplug it.  

I have big dreams of adding these lovely dried tomatoes to stews, soups and homemade pizzas all winter long.  

And come to find out, I'm not the only one who a) owns a dehydrator, and b) secretly loves it more than anything in the world, even the waffle iron.  As I've been bragging my phat dehydrating skillz up all over town, I'm finding that quite a few people my own age ALSO own dehydrators!  

Are you one of the cool ones, too?  Share your recipes, please!!!!

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