Saturday, June 6, 2015

An afternoon well spent...

Danny received a new fishing pole from his aunt and uncle for his birthday/promotion/confirmation present and wanted to christen it at his favorite fishing spot, a private pond owned by some friends who live "across the country block" as they say.

We picked up his best fishing buddy and we headed over.
The kids headed off to the "Best Spot" on the other side of the lake while I sat down in their beautiful gazebo and began my mental list of all the things I should be doing:

  • cleaning up the kitchen from lunch (we had to rush out in a hurry)
  • folding the 6 loads of laundry on my bed
  • cleaning out closets,
  • vacuuming behind the washer and dryer 
  • sorting through the hats&gloves&mittens&winter coats that all need to be laundered and put away
  • I'll stop boring you with the list now.
After a while, though, the serenity sunk in and I decided to just relax.  

It was a GORGEOUS day!  Not too hot, a slight breeze, the fish were biting, and my kids were NOT fighting with each other!

And here is the miracle in it all:  When I got home the kitchen wasn't really the disaster area I had in my mind, it only took a few minutes to load the dishwasher and wipe down the counters!  Also, the closets still haven't been sorted through, but yet we are somehow all still alive.  Weird, right? Maybe it IS okay to sit back and relax on a beautiful Thursday afternoon and spend time with my children, doing something other than chores!

Hmm... I'll have to try it again to see if it was perhaps an isolated incident...

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