Thursday, May 31, 2012

The. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Isn't this the cutest calf you've ever seen?

Since they were born, Fergie has been taking very good care of her twins, but in the first couple of days after they were born, we were concerned that she wasn't taking care of herself (drinking, eating, etc.).  We thought the calves seemed extremely hungry, so to give Mama a break and make sure the calves were getting enough to eat, we started offering the calves each a bottle in the afternoon.  

Now, when we walk out into the pasture, the little bull calf, Simon, sees us and starts licking his muzzle as he skips over to us.  It is SO funny!

  He LOVES his bottle, but his sister, Junie-Junebug, isn't always that hungry.  After the calves are done eating, Junie takes off, but Simon hangs around for some extra lovin'.

 When we're done, Simon usually follows us half way up the lane, and sometimes one of us has to turn around and walk him back out to the cows and calves.  These babies should be a piece of cake to halter break in a couple of weeks as fair time gets closer! 

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