Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I walked in the door this afternoon after a LONG day at work (if you think kindergartners get crazy, you haven't spent nearly enough time around teens on "holidays" like today...).  Anyway, it was as if St. Valentine himself thrown up all over my kitchen table!

You'd think she had received a million dollars, she was so thrilled!

 This one was a little hopped up on Fun Dip... It'll be an early night for her when she crashes from her sugar high...

And now let me pan out so you can get the full effect.  From this angle you can appreciate the magnitude of the chaos.

Then as I was digging for the bottom (because the mess got worse before it got better,) I found Drew's Valentine collection.  His class did an activity where they each wrote a kind word to their classmates.  His were so nice! 
Some of my favorites are: 
I like how your hair is always messed up.--Warren
You are super funny.  It is funny when you say, "Beat that Homie."--Lauren
You are the best farrmer in the world!--Kenny  (I like farmer with two r's!)
You are unique because you are one of a kind.--Jules  (And a mini-vocab lesson!)
I think your a good friend because you always help.--Chucky
You are a great friend to all of your classmates, and you always give me sports knowledge I never knew.--Miss Erickson
    Happy Valentine's Day!  Hopefully your sweetie spoiled you rotten!

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