Sunday, April 21, 2013

Orange Crush Cake!

Yesterday afternoon I was strolling through Valli Produce and spotted something that got my taste buds thinking:  An Orange Crush Cake.  It looked DELICIOUS!  It was bundt shaped (my favorite shape), it was glazed (my favorite topping), and obviously made with Orange Crush Soda (the sticker on the front was the official sticker of the pop).  Well, let me tell you right now:  I do NOT buy baked goods.  I bake baked goods.  Because I'm a lifelong 4-Her. 

I made a mental addition to my Woodman's list:  Yellow cake mix, an orange, and a can of orange flavored soda (Sunkist TEN was on sale). 

Then, Sunday afternoon was experiment time!  I mixed the pop (12 oz.) and cake mix, greased up my bundt pan,  poured in the batter and baked for 40 minutes.

After cooling for about 10 minutes, I poured on my glaze (powdered sugar and milk).  I sprinkled on some orange zest and VIOLA!!! Orange "Sunkist" DELICIOUSNESS!!! times 1000!!!!

This guy had 2 servings --after polishing off his own steak, a salad, and some potatoes, too! 

This gal gave the cake two thumbs up, too!

By my calculations, the cost was $1.90 for the entire thing (compared to Valli Produce's $4.99!) and the pop I used was only 10 calories, so each serving was around 130 calories if you cut the cake into 10 pieces (minus the glaze and ice cream).  I will DEFINITELY make this one again.   

P.S.  I know you are all insanely jealous of my 1970's Burnt Orange bundt pan.  You're just going to have to work through that on your own. 

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