Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Nation's Most and Least Satisfied Workers...

This afternoon as I sat down to scroll pinterest for a few minutes (I mean hours), the article on my homepage was about the nation's most and least satisfied workers. 
GUESS WHO IS THE SECOND HAPPIEST WORKER?!?!?!?!   High school teachers!!!
I was relieved, in a way, to read this because our district is experiencing a minor hiccup right now... (some would argue a major belch,) but all in all, I think we all do LOVE what we're doing, it's just the political garbage that is bringing us down.

Here's what the article said about High School Teachers, Special Education Teachers, and Teacher Assistants:
Their well-being index score= 73.6%  (100% would be perfect well-being)
                                   obesity= 79.4%  (This is a bummer, 79.4% of teachers are obese?!?!)
         Percent Satisfied w/Job= 91.1% (100% would be completely satisfied with job)

The article also reported that "teachers were the most likely workers to report that they smiled or laughed, experienced enjoyment or happiness within the past day." 
These teachers also ate healthy diets, second after nurses! 

Some minor and major things need to change in our district, and I have faith and confidence that they will.  The tides will change, everything is cyclical, it's education's turn to be in the hot seat...  But, the fact is this:  It's Sunday afternoon and I AM looking forward to going to work tomorrow!  Here are three reasons why:

1.  I really enjoy teenagers.  They are funny! We have some good times and genuine laughs.  They are at such an exciting time in their lives, the whole future is ahead of them!  Some of my favorite times are with my Algebra 2 students.  A lot of these kids were my students two years ago as freshmen.  They've come so far and we can do some really hard stuff now and solve some really cool problems because they have grown so much academically!  Someday I can say, "I knew him/her when..."!

2.  I have a lovely student teacher right now, and while she doesn't need my help, it's fun to share with her some tips, tricks, games, and activities that I've picked up along the way.  I never do the same thing more than once a year (this can be good and bad, I tend to forget some things,) so everyday is a new adventure!

3.  The life of a teacher is busy from September to May, but it's the perfect job for a mom!  I was lamenting my low salary to my in-laws on Easter Sunday, and as wonderful Aunt Mary Sue reminded me: I'm in a period right now where my number one job is to be a mom and wife.  I can climb the career ladder and get more letters behind my name later.  Right now, I need to be home after school, on holidays, and during the summer.  I'm lucky to be able to do it all! 

If you're interested in seeing where your job ranks, here's a link to the article:

Have a great week!

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