Friday, July 12, 2013

Cloverbud Project Time!

The girls are "Clover Bud" 4-Hers, or junior 4-Hers.  There are fewer projects for Clover Buds to choose from, Clover Buds don't get premiums, and they don't have to keep records.  We like it because it gives younger siblings a chance to participate in the club, get to know one another, and learn something! 

The girls both signed up for the Clover Bud Visual Arts project this year.  Most anything goes for this project.  (Last summer Holly did V.A.'s and made a collage out of stuff she collected on our Philadelphia vacation.)   We were looking through the project booklet that 4-H provides and found the directions for fabric covered note boards.   

We took a trip to the JoAnn Fabrics and collected our supplies. 

The girls had a milestone learning experience!  Ironing!!!

We tacked the fabric to the back of the cork boards.

We measured and cut ribbons for the note-holding and then reinforced the ribbons with some hot glue. 

Ta-Da!!! Aren't they cute!  Holly is the "wild child"--she loves animal prints!  Emma is the girly girl, hers is pink and flowery, just like she is! 

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