Sunday, December 29, 2013

The new girly-girl fad!!!

All the toys my kids have are really just variations of toys that we had as kids:  Legos, Barbies, dolls, a play kitchen with play food, you get the idea. 
Finally there is something out there that I never had as a kid: "Tapeffiti"--fancy tape and myriad ways to use it!

Holly got a Tapeffiti fashion designer kit from Santa.  It came with 15 dress patterns and 24 little rolls of tape, along with a cutter that holds the tape and cuts it neatly.  The kit also came with a dress form and 3 or 4 more dress hangers for holding the dresses after you've finished them.

Holly loves it! She and Emma have made quite a few outfits, and they also got another set of 30 Tapeffiti rolls from their great-grandma!

Holly has figured out how to "construct" her garments after she's "designed" them with the tape.  The construction process involves cutting out the garment (you put the tape on one side, then cut the pattern that's shown exactly the same on the other side), then on the reverse side you match up the numbers and tape (with the Tapefetti-side out) with clear tape. 

I'm afraid they are going to run out of patterns before they run out of tape or interest, so I plan on making photo-copies of the patterns they haven't yet used up!

Emma got a Tapeffiti wallet kit with tape and has made the wallets and a pencil holder out of a Crystal Lite container. 

What are your kids playing with this winter?  Any new favorites?  Any old favorites? 


Anonymous said...

I see. Barbie dream house in the background :)

Amber Laue said...

So cool! I think you have some future fashion designers there!