Tuesday, December 31, 2013

They still love me...

When we come home from the fair in August, we literally back the trailer up to the pasture gate, open the back of the trailer, take the halters off the cows and their calves, and step out of the way!  The ladies and their babies are so happy to be done with us, they practically shout for joy and kick their hooves in the air!  (Actually, there IS usually some mooing and hoof-kicking!)

Then I go back to work and don't get to see my bovine friends much until the calves get weaned and brought home, and even then it's only when I drive by their pen that I pay much attention to them.

This past weekend I took some time to check up on two of my 2013 favorites.  They walked right up to me like I was their long lost friend.  (They must have forgotten all the cold showers, the yanking on their ropes, the pushing on their backsides...)
Chuckie (left) and Belle (right)
Cute photo-bomber in the middle!

Danny and Drew get in the pen with them every now and then, but right now the pen is over-full with the late summer calves that were recently weaned.  The boys and I will start working with them again when the weather straightens around and basketball season is over. (We also have another steer calf and heifer that will be 4-H fair bound, too.)  The little ones are so cute, but so dirty!  Chuckie and Belle have had this pen to themselves for awhile, I guess that's why they stayed so clean.  I love their furry hair this time of the year!

Chuckie was SO happy to see me, he wanted to give me kisses!
I had just finished making Scotcheroos, suppose he can taste it?

I think that they miss me.  I miss them too.  Summer vacation can't get here soon enough!!

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