Sunday, May 4, 2014

A night out on the town! With 147 high schoolers...

Last night I chaperoned the PHS Prom with 3 of my wonderful coworkers and our principal.  It was fun.  The theme was "An Enchanted Evening", and the theme song was "Enchanted" by Taylor Swift.  Not a radio hit of hers, but this tune is becoming a new favorite of mine!

Here is a picture of the dress I wore.

This picture is for all of my coworkers who have been teasing me all week about the dress I wore to the prom in 1995.  Last week we had a "throw back" party where we all brought in Prom pictures and then awards were given for various categories, like "best use of taffeta", "best tiara", and I won the category of "best mom dress", as in "My mom probably had that dress in her closet in 1995, too", and one of my lunch buddies claims that her mom had THE EXACT SAME DRESS.  Doubtful.

photo credit to Lifetouch Photography!

Lifetouch Photography did a photo booth for all the prom goers, and it was huge hit! We chaperones also took a turn!  I LOVE this picture!!!

And finally, here are the top 3 take-aways from the prom of 2014:

1.  Nothing clears a dance floor like "What does the Fox Say?".
2.  No matter how easy and smooth I try to make choosing a meal, some one will be upset.  (EVERY SINGLE PERSON who bought a ticket to the prom back in April looked me in the eye and answered the question:  What would you like to eat?  Bacon-wrapped Sirloin, Stuffed Pork chop, or Cheese Tortellini.  Everyone answered, I recorded their responses perfectly, we transferred those responses to name cards perfectly, yet SURELY whats-his/her-name didn't order THAT!  UGH!)
3.  I am not a night owl.  9:30 pm is pushing it, I turn to mush at 10:15 pm.

Oh well, that's it for another year!

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