Sunday, May 25, 2014

So what if it's been 3 weeks since I posted on the blog?

School is coming to very slow finish.  It's like the tortoise part of the Tortoise-vs.-Hare race... School is c  r  e  e  p  i  n  g to a finish.  2 more LONG weeks.  Ugh.  But, the weeks have been jam-packed with life.  Our move out to the farm is getting closer, too.

Yesterday we had a (soon to be) neighbor (when we move out to the farm) (are you confused?) come over and help us re-survey our property so that we can move ahead with selling the place where we currently live.  It was really interesting!  Did you know that there are these giant pins in the ground to mark your property lines?  Yep, there are literally pins EVERYWHERE in the United States!  Ben had a metal detector that he used to find these pins, then he used fancy math to figure out where the rest were, etc..

It ended up that he pretty much couldn't find ours, but had to survey the neighbor's property and then go from there...  It was supposed to take a couple of hours.  Six hours later he was packing up his tools, having wasted his WHOLE Saturday on our stupid project.  Oh well, a quick-claim deed and a few hundred bucks and we should be good to go.

Surveyor Ben brought along his 5 year old daughter and she and the girls became fast friends!

I spent the day priming my hutch!  I am excited to put the finishing coats on it this afternoon after church.  I think it'll look really nice.  Now I'm grappling with painting the base of the table that matches this hutch.  My reservations are that the table is round and only seats 4, unless pulled out oval-style, and I don't have 6 chairs to go with this table.  Hmm... I'm still thinking.  Any suggestions are welcome!

And I promise to be more faithful to the blog, dear readers!

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