Sunday, June 29, 2014

Antiques, Immediate Gratification, and Sibling Togetherness...

The other day I had the kids helping me pick up and finish continue organizing the basement.
Danny found my Fisher Price record player and albums and tried to get it to work.
Luckily, I realized what he was messing with before he ruined the player or my BELOVED "Alvin and the Chipmunks:  Hollywood" Album.

The following observations struck me:

1.   They had no idea that music could come from something like this (a box with parts you can actually see and touch, or a boring old piece of black plastic).

2.    You might remember how record players work, you set the needle on the lane-thingy where the music is etched or whatever, and then you wait for the needle to hit the groove.  The kids couldn't understand why or how you could possibly be expected to wait for a few seconds for the music to start.  They were also baffled by how you had to read the album cover or the center of the record to figure out where to put the needle to get the song you wanted to hear play.  Couldn't you just push a button and zip through the song choices until you landed on what you wanted to hear?!?!?

3.   The kids genuinely liked hearing the music and about how much I enjoyed my record player and albums when I was a kid.  They poured over the albums with, "I know that song!", and "The Smurfs were invented when you were a kid?"  It was nice seeing them enjoy each other's company for a change!

Unfortunately, we still have some work to do in the basement...

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