Monday, July 7, 2014

More new house... and a little something extra...

Here is the kids' bathroom.  The teacher in me fell in love with this shower curtain at Kohls last winter.  HAD TO HAVE IT!  Isn't it cute!  I think this will benefit the Pecatonica Community Middle School and Pecatonica High School (eventually) academic bowl teams because there might just be a question or two somewhere down the line about something random that I bet my kids will be able to answer because of all the time they'll spend on the crapper looking at it.  Like, did you know that "Virginia is for Lovers"?  Or that Kentucky is horse country? (Well, everyone knows that, I guess.)  I also have been reviewing my knowledge of which state is which...  I can now correctly label Alabama, Arkansas (completely landlocked--which I had forgotten...duh...keep me in the math department, please!), Louisiana and Mississippi.
Anyway, its kitchy, I like it, and it's colorful and educational.  What more could you ask for in a shower curtain!

In other bathroom-related news, I came across this can of bathroom cleaner with the DREAMY, the HUNKY, the MANLY Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs on it!  Again, HAD TO HAVE IT!  (It was pretty cheap, too.)
See, I really like Mike Rowe.  I just love a guy who's not afraid to work hard and get dirty. He's got such a cute smile, too!  I'll bet that when he gets all cleaned up, he smells good, I know he looks good, and I'm pretty sure he can show a gal a good time.  Maybe not.  I don't know.  Also, I think he's nice to his mom.  

(I don't know if I'd buy another can of his bathroom cleaner, it's nothing special. But I probably will keep the can around long after it's empty!!!)

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