Monday, June 23, 2014

Pallet Bike Rack

Here is the "before" picture:

Many people around Pecatonica refer to us as "the house with all the bikes out front".  Yes, we have 6 bikes.  There are 6 OF US.  Anyway, now that we live in the country, we still..... have 6 bikes.  

I found an idea for making a bike rack out of pallets on Pinterest (of course!) and put the hubbykins to work on Sunday.  

Total price:  $1.44 x 4 = $5.76 for the brackets.

We didn't exactly follow the pattern, it was more like, "How quickly can I get this project done so my wife will leave me alone?"  

Anyway, it works.  It's not beautiful, it could be bigger, like two pallets instead of just one.  We had to back some bikes in to accommodate the handlebars.  And, it really only fits the 4 bikes, two are leaning up against the ends.  

But, it serves the purpose:  All bikes are NOT laying on the ground (due to faulty kickstands), and all bikes will be stored here in one central location.  

I really wish we could keep the bikes in the garage, but we just have too many bikes for that. 

And the "after" picture:

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