Friday, January 4, 2013

Take your wife to work day...

A few weeks ago the kids went with grandma and grandpa to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Oriental Theater in Chicago. 

Dave had cattle coming and going that night, so I went out to the feed lot with him that afternoon to help him get ready.  (Mostly I just wanted to see what all the "excitement" was about, but also I needed a bovine fix... it had been a couple of stressful weeks...)

First, I put on my favorite pair of shoes.... yaaaaayyyyy!!!!

Then, we loaded up some straw bales in the back of the truck. 

We had to move some of the big guys to a holding pen for when the semis arrived.

Dave scraped and we bedded their old pen and then moved in some younger (not-ready-to-go) cattle.  Don't they look so happy?!?!

Next, we (Dave) filled the feed bunks in the pens with feed for when the new (little guys) would get off the semi.  

Before long, in rolled the semis.  The new cattle were off-loaded, then the big guys were loaded on the semi.  Just the time it was getting dark, the trucks were full and off they went to a meat packing plant in Iowa for Monday morning processing. 

Then, I went back home and finished grading papers...booooooo....


Keli said...

Sounds like a wonderful 'date night'! :)

Carrie said...

I'll take what I can get, Keli! ;)