Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy 2015!

Is your new year off to a great start?  Ours is, and I credit it to how well we welcomed in the new year!  On New Year's Eve, we had a fantastic time bowling and then hanging out at our friends' house.  This is the 4th year we've all gotten together (I think), and every year we ring in the new year with lots of good food and tons of laughs.  My arm was sore for a week from the bowling, though.

The first day of 2015 was spent relaxing, doing some crafts, watching movies, and playing Monopoly!  I even got up that morning and took down the Christmas tree.

Here's where it gets interesting:

I was taking the last ornament off the tree when it struck me: I hadn't taken 1 single picture of the first Christmas tree in our new home or that classic picture with our children in front of it!  What a mother-fail.  There will be no "Christmas 2014" page in the scrapbook. Ever.

Oh well.

Speaking of the new house, I did decorate the mantle of our beautiful fireplace.  I had enough foresight to take a picture of it:

And, then after everything was put away, I sat down at my sewing machine and whipped up this cute pennant banner thing to go in place of the garland.  (Incidentally, I had purposely glittered "Love" instead of "Peace" or "Joy" or "Noel" so that it could stay up well through Valentine's Day.)

I'm happy with the way it turned out and that I didn't have to buy anything to complete the project.  Everything was scrap from my sewing tub!

My next project is a sewing machine cover.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love Pinterest!?!?!

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