Sunday, January 18, 2015

An eggcelent start to any morning!

Sorry for the pun.

Awhile ago, I mentioned my new obsession with clean eating.  Here's my answer to breakfast clean eating:

I take a (microwave safe) bowl and crack one egg and add a splash of milk.  Whisk it together for a few seconds, then dump in a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese, a tablespoon of either diced ham or crumbled bacon (maybe not the cleanest...) and then chop up 3-4 spinach leaves.

Give it another quick mix and pop it in the microwave (covered loosely with plastic wrap or a plastic lid) and zap for 3 minutes.

Be careful, though!  The bowl will be HOT!  It's delicious and filling.  I eat around 6:50 am on school mornings (once the kids are on the bus), and I stay full until my lunchtime, after 5th period at 11:45 am.

When I used to eat a pop-tart or a bowl of cereal, I'd be ready to gnaw my arm off by the end of 3rd period, 10:15 am.  In fact, in the olden days (pre-November 2014) this would  be my daily trip to the soda machine in the teachers' workroom.  Now, I make it a point to drink more water each day and I don't feel nearly as exhausted by the end of 7th period (1:50 pm) (AKA sugar crash time).

I've even been known to throw one of these concoctions in a tightly-lidded dish and zap it up for lunch!  What do you eat in the morning that keeps you full til lunchtime?

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