Sunday, February 8, 2015

Snow Day!

Last week at this time we were gearing up for what I feel was one of the best Super Bowls of ALL TIME!  I thought the halftime show was absolutely fantastic!  We stayed home that night and listened to the wind howl and the snow blow.  And then the MOST wonderful thing that could happen to a teacher on a Sunday night actually happened: school was cancelled the next day due to the weather!  (Actually, I was a little bummed because I am really looking forward to a nice long summer vacation.  Every day we are off in February equals a day we are NOT off in June...)

Anyway, the next morning dawned bright and beautiful...

unless you were a farm kid.

Yep, we were summoned out of our nice warm beds to shovel the feed bunks.

Only the bunks that had an easterly exposure had to be shoveled, and that was really only 2 1/2 feed yards worth.  (One feed lot is a little ways down the road, so the kids and I had to walk a bit.  My mitten got in the way, but I wish you could see my beautiful view of the quiet road and the fresh snow; it was magical!)

I felt bad for the cows (and I don't remember this from my shoveling days as a kid...) because as soon as we got the snow out of the bunks, the cattle were right up behind us licking up what was laying at the bottom, they were HUNGRY!

Breakfast for the cattle was a little late that morning, but as soon as the guys got the drives plowed and the snow scraped away from the bunks (what we had shoveled out), they started filling the feed wagon and by late morning, everybody was back at the bunk for seconds!

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