Sunday, February 1, 2015


I set a goal of three posts per month for the bloggity blog.  Only 2 made it to January, but I'm going to work really hard on 4 for February.  That'll make up for it, right?

I've been accomplishing lots in place of the blog, if that's worth anything...

PHS hosted the 2nd annual Fresh-Soph Academic Bowl Invitational Tournament on the 22nd of January, and it was another great success!  Pec came in 2nd, which I am proud of, but I would have been more comfortable if we would have placed a little more mid-land.  Last year we were 4th out of 8th, which I felt good about.  2nd out of 10 this year was a little too, "Thanks for coming and letting us beat the pants off you."  We've just kind of lucked out with a strong team this year!  You just never know who knows what out there...

Anyway, after everyone left and the school was put back in order, I was tidying up my room and getting ready for the next day.  As I went to write the next day's "problem of the day" on the board, I saw this and had to chuckle:

How true, how true.  Gotta love nerdy kids!

In other news, I'm teaching a computer programming class this semester.  More like: I'm learning computer programming a little bit at a time and trying to teach the students what I know, but really they just take my nugget of information and run at lightening speed, looking up other stuff on the internet and using my one little resource book.  Last week I put them to work designing new name plates for the teachers' doors.  They learned to use a "for" loop to draw patterns.  The students each picked a name out of my Scooby Doo bucket, some swapped with other kids if they had a special relationship with a teacher.  EACH and EVERY one of the kids took so much ownership and FAR exceeded what I expected out of them.  I finally finished laminating them last Friday afternoon and the kids will hand-deliver them on Monday.  They are really looking forward to sharing their hard work!  I CANNOT begin to tell you how much I'm enjoying this class and group of kids!

Hope all is well!  What's new with you!?!?!

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