Monday, July 22, 2013

Another Farm Quiz!

Test your knowledge of straw baling 101:

This kid is:

 a)  5' 4", 80 pounds (with muddy  boots on)
 b)  more help around the farm than his mother (times 3) 
c)  buffing up for seventh grade
d)  all of the above

The first thing you need to know about putting-up straw (into the barn) is:
  a)  it needs to be at least 90 degrees out, with a heat index in the triple digits
b)  you have to first harvest the wheat in a state of the art, ginormous combine (thanks Grandma Lori!)
c)  Grandpa Kent will NEVER be too old to sling bales --in the mow, where it's like 15 degrees hotter than out on the rack!
d)  all of the above

That grin on his face comes from the fact that:
a)  he's not in school
b)  he's doing what he loves
c)  20-30 of these bales have his name on them for his 4-H cattle next year
d)  all of the above

At the end of the day there will be: 
a)  a barn a quarter of the way full of straw (4 loads worth, anyway!)
b)  3 very tired men and 2 very tired boys (Dave, my dad, and our hired man are inside stacking, Drew will soon join Danny on the rack to feed the elevator!)
c)  lightening bugs and a beautiful sunset (because that's what July nights are good for!)
d)  all of the above
If you answered (d) for all 4 questions, then you aced it, smarty pants!  Keep up the nice work!  You get an A+!!!!

P.S. If you aced this quiz and are new to Living the Daly Life, test your skills at this quiz from last year!  Many Hands Make Light Work!

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