Friday, July 19, 2013

When in doubt: ACCESSORIZE!!!

Emma and I got some new bike doo-dads for our birthdays last week. 

Grandma and Grandpa gave Emma a new set of handle-bar streamers, these are WAY cooler than any I've ever seen before, they have flowers on the ends that spin when she rides. 

The handlebar streamers definitely add to the experience.  Her bike really is the IT thing, from the basket to the handlebar streamers, right down to the training wheels...  wait, what are those training wheels doing back on that bike?!?!?!  Sometimes her oldest brother is too accommodating.

This is my new bike accessory:  an odometer/speedometer/clock gadget!  I LOVE it!  Dave couldn't have gotten me a better present.  After all, I only asked for a water bottle holder--which I did receive, also!  As I ride along, it scans through different calculations:  the time I've been riding, the distance, my average speed per hour, my actual speed per hour, and the actual time of the day.  It clips on and off so I don't have to worry about it sitting out in the weather!  I asked him what he paid for it and it was only $14.99 at Farm and Fleet!!!  (Sidebar:  When I first started running, he bought me an iPod for my birthday.  I took it back because I couldn't justify spending a week's (or more) worth of groceries on something so frivolous.)  So anyway, this has really increased my quality of life.  I might as well have won the lottery I feel so lucky!   
What cool things do you have to keep track of where you're going and how fast you can make it?  I've seen bracelets, heard of things in tennis shoes.  I think that there is a lot of cool stuff out there!  Share what you love!!!

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